White Wedding Colour Inspiration Moodboard

White Wedding Colour Inspiration Moodboard

Klay and I have finally picked out wedding colours!

We have narrowed it down to three beautiful colours, and over the next while I will be sharing each colour with you – accompanied by a colour inspiration gallery that I complied while I while I was looking for wedding colour inspiration.

The first colour will be of no surprise to you, as it is obviously the most common wedding colour: white. While this colour is commonly used during weddings, I have included it in our wedding colour round-up because we’re probably using it more than the average wedding.

I love white. It’s my favourite ‘colour’ and my preference for almost everything. I even considered having a wedding en blanc, but we opted out because it would be asking a lot of our guests to dress in all white; mostly the men who likely don’t have white attire laying around.

Some people think there is such thing as ‘too much white’ but I beg to differ. I think it’s fresh, beautiful, uplifting, romantic, and freeing.

I would defintiely have an all white wedding – but when I was creating mood boards of other colours, I fell in love with the combination of white and our other two colour choices. Together I thought they were romantic and whimsical. I’ll be sharing the other two colours with you soon – so make sure you subscribe to my email newsletter so you don’t miss them!

If you’re considering an all white wedding, or the possibility of using white as a main wedding colour, make sure you check out the gallery I put together below for some all white wedding inspiration. Even if you’re not planning a wedding, or any other party, I hope the following pictures will inspire you!





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  1. Joanne
    April 3, 2017 / 7:48 pm

    Classy and clean. Great choice!

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