Tiffany and Co. // New Toronto Store on Bloor Street

Tiffany and Co. // New Toronto Store on Bloor Street

Have you noticed?

The Tiffany and Co.¬†on Bloor Street in Toronto has moved, and its bigger and more luxurious than ever!! It’s now located on the North Side of Bloor Street, before Avenue Road (150 Bloor Street West). Just like the iconic Tiffany blue box, the store is a symbol of style, sophistication and true love.

Unlike the old store, the new store had adopted the Tiffany blue colour as a prominent decor theme. The captivating blue store front is impossible to miss, while inside walls of Tiffany’s are a softer blue. When in the store, you don’t need a sign to remind you that you’re in Tiffanys.

Another main theme of the new store is a profusion of magnolias, stems entwined, covers glass panels that separate the various salons. They also bloom in iridescent wall-coverings, carpeting and in lamps of three-dimensional glass.

It’s a gorgeous sight to be seen, so round up some of your girlfriends (or partner if you’re at that stage) and take a trip to Tiffanys!

Oh, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll drool at the staircase that takes you from the fine jewellery on the first floor, up to the second floor; where you’ll be graced by a sea of luxurious engagement rings, as well as handbags and fashion jewellery! The staircase, just like the rest of the store, is grand!


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