The Hermès Constance: 16 Ladies Who Wear It SO Well That You’ll Have Bag Envy

The Hermès Constance: 16 Ladies Who Wear It SO Well That You’ll Have Bag Envy

If I could own any handbag, right now, money aside, it would be the Hermès Constance. Hands down, no comparison. I simply adore it. I’ve had my eye on it for years, and I’m hoping one day it will make it’s way into my closet.

Here I’ve rounded up photos of 16 ladies who wear the Hermès Constance SO well, that my bag envy is on overload. I hope you enjoy the eye candy!

If this is a handbag you’re looking to buy right now, I’ve found a bunch of gorgeous options (consignment and vintage) for you to check out, at the bottom of this post. And for the record – I am very jealous, but very excited for you!

If you could have any handbag right this very minute, which one would you choose? Let me know in the comment section at the end of this post!

VictoriaBrown-Hermes-Constance-Handbag-Pleated-Leather-Skirt Black-Hermes-Constance-Eva-Fontanelli Hermes-Constance-Shoulder-Bag-Ashley-Olsen-and-Dasha-Zhukova-01Brown Hermes Constance Shoulder Bag, Chiara Ferragni, Classic Designer Handbag, Timeless Luxury Handbag, Fashion Blogger Instagram, The Blonde SaladBlack Hermes Constance, Designer Leather Shoulder Bag, Classic Crossbody HandbagSmall-Black-Hermes-Constance-Crossbody-Bag-White-DressHermes Constance Handbag, Purple Leather Crossbody, Orange Hermes Shoulder BagKristina Bazan, Kayture, Blue Hermes Constance, Hermes Constance Shoulder Bag, Red Leather Handbag, Angela Simmons StyleHermes Constance Crossbody Shoulder Bag, Black and Gold Hardware, Handbags to Invest InOversized Handbags, Large Red Hermes ConstanceHermes Birkin, Anastasia Barbieri, Shala Monroque, Classic Black Crossbody, The Best Designer Handbags



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