Back To The Basics: 9 Little Black Dresses That You Can Wear Forever

Back To The Basics: 9 Little Black Dresses That You Can Wear Forever

When it comes to building the perfect wardrobe, there are certain pieces I consider non-negotiables and the Little Black Dress (the LBD) is one of them. In fact, I may go as far as saying it is the number one non-negotiable.

The LBD can be worn so many ways, for practically all occasions. To the office? Check. On a date night? Check.  To a wedding? Check. To a funeral? Check. To a cocktail party? Check. Out to dinner? Check. I’m sure you get the point. The little black dress is a must have essential in your closet, and picking one is not that difficult of a task.

It’s a classic, which means that most stores will carry at least one. If you don’t have one in your wardrobe already, then I recommend you pick a classic fabric and silhouette to start. Look for an a-line or shift dress with little to no embellishments. Why? They’re the most versatile; allowing you to literally wear it anytime anywhere! The Kate Spade dress above (#2) is perfect!

Once you have the most basic silhouette accounted for, you then have the freedom to get a little more trendy with your LBD purchases. Technically, you only need one classic little black dress, but let’s be real for a moment: if you’re reading my blog chances are one LBD will not satisfy your craving. So, my rule of thumb: first invest in the classics, and move onto more trendy pieces from there.

Do you own a little black dress or are you in search of the perfect one? How often do you wear your LBD? Where do you wear it the most? Do you prefer a classic LBD or a trendy LBD? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!


Shop The Above Little Black Dresses:

1. Club Monaco | 2. Kate Spade | 3.  Milly | 4. Loft  | 5. Anthropologie | 6. DKNY7. The Row | 8. BCBGMAXAZRIA | 9. Maje


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