Outfit // Plaid Shirt and Midi Skirt (plus last minute holiday outfit ideas)

Outfit // Plaid Shirt and Midi Skirt (plus last minute holiday outfit ideas)

Christmas Eve is tomorrow, can you believe it? I feel like I keep on saying it, but oh how time flies!!

In case you’re looking for some last minute inspiration on what to wear for Christmas, I figured I’d post this outfit to help you out; it’s what I’ll be wearing tomorrow for Christmas Eve dinner. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, it’s put-together, and most of all, it’s festive.

I’ve also come up with some tips below that I hope you’ll find helpful if you’re stuck and wondering what to wear. There is no need to rush out in search for the perfect outfit to buy, because I’m sure with these ideas you’ll be able to open your closet and find something perfect that you already own.

  1. Red and green are always holiday perfect. Look in your closet and see what you have that is either colour – for your top or bottom – and you’re all set. Wear the one colour completely, mix the two colours together, or pair either colour with something neutral.
  2. Nothing says winter like plaid; and when the plaid has red or green it in, it’s basically begging to be worn for the holidays.
  3. If you do not have green or red, or you’re not into colour, then opt for a monochrome look (wearing the same colour for your entire outfit). A single colour look gives off the best “wow-factor.”
  4. Give outfit all the ‘festive feels’ with your accessories. Statement jewellery, festive brooches, a ribbon in your hair – any of these small details have a huge impact on our outfit.
  5. Your make-up can make a festive statement (just like your accessories). Paint your nails, and/or put on a bold red lipstick.
  6. The holidays are a perfect excuse to get dressed up, so if that’s the look you want to go for, then pull your favourite dress out of your wardrobe and wear it confidently.
  7. If casual and comfortable is your holiday vibe, then go for jeans and a big cozy knit sweater. Better yet, if you can get away with it, wear festive pajamas (or at least change into them after dinner).
  8. You can never go wrong with all black – it’s classic and timeless.
  9. Be Extra! Sequins and embellishments (like jewels, pearls, bows, gems, etc.) are encouraged during the holiday season.

I’m confident that you have something perfect in your closet already, so my biggest holiday fashion tip for you is to have fun and not take your outfit so seriously! Christmas is a time to spend with your family so no matter what you decide wear, remember you are surrounded by people that love you, and that’s all that matters.


What I’m Wearing
Uniqlo Skirt / Old Navy Plaid Shirt / Aldo Ankle Boots / Black Sunglasses – I also really love these black cat-eye sunglasses


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  1. Joanne
    December 23, 2017 / 4:01 pm

    Gorgeous! Festive! You wear it well!

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