KV Condo // Office Inspiration For A Small Space

KV Condo // Office Inspiration For A Small Space

Klay and I are planning on re-decorating the condo, and I’m equal parts excited, and equal parts intimidated. There’s so much to think about, and I am far from an interior design guru!

In case you’re also thinking of re-doing your condo or house, I figure it could be helpful to take you through our condo-transformation – to hopefully give you some inspiration along the way. Maybe we can bounce ideas off each other? Today I’m sharing 8 photos with you, that I’ve gathered for inspiration.

Office and Desk Ideas For Small Spaces Office Space Ideas with Floating Shelves and Back Backdrop
I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to create a space that is functional (for working, and for all my clothes and ‘stuff’), but at the same time, fresh and pretty.

I think my first task is to figure out our den area; which will be transformed into my office-closet (if possible).

Here are some key factors you need to know:
1) It’s called a ‘den’ but really it only has two walls and opens up to the kitchen and the rest of the condo. When we were first looking at the condo, it was staged with a kitchen table. Which makes the most sense for the space – but you guys, my clothes need room to breathe…and a lot of love! 😉
2) I need to put clothes in the den somehow; and/or shoes and handbags.

Office Space Ideas and Inspiration / Spotted Walls Floating Shelf Ideas | Office Space Inspiration3) I need a desk! Right now we don’t have a desk and have been working from the couch; but lately my hand has been bothering me, so it’s about time I have a proper work station.
4) Klay needs a desk also, because in the evenings he’s been nerding it out with physics and calculus; and the couch is just not the best place for him to work. So, we either need a place for both of us to work in the living room (somehow), or one space for him in the living room and another for me in the den.
5) Because the condo is all open concept (except the bath and bed), all our guests will be able to see my space – so I don’t want it to look cluttered or messy.

We don’t have a timeline for this transformation yet, so it could be a slow process; but any and all ideas, tips and tricks are welcome!


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(Photos Sources: The Design Villa | The Everygirl | Unknown | Waiting On Martha | Frenchy Fancy | Andrea Chong | Laura Quattro | Desire To Inspire )

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