A Day In Heels // A Pardon My French Video With Garance Doré

A Day In Heels // A Pardon My French Video With Garance Doré

A lot of you probably already know who Garance Doré is, but if not you should definitely check out her site right now. Her illustrations are to die for!

The other day I watched Garance Doré’s video “A Day In Heels” on Pardon My French (you can watch it below) and it captivated me, made smile, and was so relatable.

Being a fashion blogger, I attend a lot of events and fashion shows, and wear heels to (pretty much) every single one of them. Sometimes (especially during Fashion Week) it can get pretty painful and rather dreadful. It’s all in the name of glamour though, right? 😉

In this video Garance Doré challenges herself to wear heels for an entire day (she prefers flats) during fashion week, getting tips and tricks from others in the industry – such as Christian Louboutin, Anna Dello Russo, models backstage and more! It’s a easy watch and rather humbling to know that you’re not alone in the high heel vs. comfort dilemma.

I’d love to hear from you!! What are your tips and tricks to survive the day and/or night in high heels? Let me know in the comment section below!!


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