BEYOND – An Eco-Beauty line by Fruits and Passion

BEYOND – An Eco-Beauty line by Fruits and Passion

Is it weird that I look forward to putting my cream on when I wake up in the morning, and again when I go to bed at night? Maybe just a tad? I know some of you are are the same way; we’re all friends around here so there’s no reason to pretend you don’t. 😉

I was recently given these new BEYOND eco-beauty products by Fruits and Passion to test out, and I can honestly say I am really happy with them so far. I’ve been using them for about two weeks now and I’ve noticed a different in the smoothness of my skin. It’s a a lot softer than before…sometimes I touch my face and get a little too excited (again, too weird? maybe a little.).


When I first took the products out of their boxes, I was a little confused because there’s not much English on the bottles (BEYOND is an eco-beauty brand from Korea, so all the information is mostly in Korean). So my advice: save the boxes until you get familiar with each product and what order to use them in.

Based on my understanding, this is my process: When I wake up in the morning I used the Balancing Cream (shortest container in the top picture), followed by the Balancing Essence (to the right of the Balancing Cream in the top picture). Before I head to bed at night I start by washing my face with the Balancing Foam (the tallest bottle in the top picture), followed by the Balancing Toner (bottle to the left in the top picture), and lastly the Balancing Emulsion (bottle to the right in the top picture).  I’m a little nerdy and have them lined up in the order I use them. The bottles are really pretty so it’s nice bathroom decor.

My favourite thing about these products is how smooth they make my skin feel; followed closely by their great scent. You know that smell when you’re in a fancy spa and they use the most amazing creams? That’s what these products smell like. Like luxury in a bottle; like spa bliss. Plus, it’s all Eco-Friendly and Cruelty Free, which makes me that much more comfortable using it. You can read all about BEYOND’s Eco-Beauty Philosophy here.

What’s your morning and night time routine? Do you have any creams, face-washes, etc. that make you really excited to use them?



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Please note that this was not a sponsored post, however these products were gifted to me. That being said, the opinions above are completely my own based on my experience using these products.

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